List methods to turn private from a callgraph analysis.

Process a dgml file generated from a callgraph analysis.

Expected usage: DeepEnds ReportPrivatise <options> filenames
<options> available:
      --makePrivate          Default(). Make the methods giving the warning
                               private if the file containing those lines is in this path
      --ignoreAbstract       Default(true). Whether or not to ignore abstract
      --ignoreOverrides      Default(true). Don't warn on a method that is an
                               override as probably a false positive
      --suppressWarnings     Default(false). Whether or not to suppress the

  DeepEnds ReportPrivatise C:\Processed\NestedClass2.dgml
      - read a call graph and report methods to turn private

Having created a DGML file using a tool for reading the source code with extract set to this tool then post-processes it.

The resulting warnings can be viewed in Visual Studio by redirecting the tool output to a text file and then replaying within the IDE.